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Do Research.

Market Research, Academic Research, Personal Research we cover it all. Our pool of participant are ready to get you better data - fast.

Get Reward.

Get rewarded for every studies you completed as we value you and your time.

Who Is Populix For?

Anyone who have a study, survey, research, or product test that they want to conduct.
Let us help find the participants for you in record time and low costs.

Academic Researchers

Improve the quality of education. Have more time and effort on your methodology and data analysis.

Market Research Companies

Understand your target market better. From branding to concept testing, know what your consumers want and win the market.

Product Developers

Test your prototype before launch. Refine it based on feedbacks and show them what you've got!

Why Choose Populix?

High Quality Participant Pool

Demographically comprehensive database of participants to suit the needs of researchers.

High Quality Data

 Make data-driven business decisions from insights gained through your survey results.

Easy Participant Reward

Pay in one go and we handle the administrative hassle of micro payments to your participants.

Research Experts

Our team of qualified and experienced experts can design the study for you.

Rapid Data Collection

Collect your data instantly. Most studies under n=100 can be completed in 48 hours.

Value For Money

Set your own budget. We offer a fraction of the price you'd pay to outsource your research.